British Neurotoxin Network Paediatrics Ultrasound Workshop

Event Dates and Prices

Saturday 8th May 2021

8.30am – 4.30pm

Masterclass in Ultrasound Guided Injection Technique

This workshop, to be delivered by Dr Sebastian.Schroeder – Faculty of Medicine at LMU, Germany and Dr Steffen Berweck – Schön Klinik, Germany, is designed for injectors, who want to improve their injection skills using Ultrasound guided techniques.

The aims of the course are for all the participants to improve their techniques to inject botulinum toxin in children using Ultasound technique as a guide. The course will include:

  1. Brief review on anatomy using ultrasound
  2. To localize with ultrasound the optimum injection area of main muscles.
  3. To master the technique of injections of every most commonly injected muscles in children with spaticity.
  4. To optimise the treatment, recognise pitfalls, and avoid possible side effects.
  5. To have an update and discussions around evidence based techniques.

This Workshop is open to all BNN Members and the fee is £40.00 per person including VAT, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

To apply for free of charge BNN Paediatrics membership and to find out more about the network, please visit